Attack now or forever hold your peace

Angry Bride is a retro, wedding-themed arcade game. Our bride arrives at her wedding ceremony only to find her groom and guests missing. In their place are wave upon wave of evil henchmen intent on ruining her special day.

Coming soon to Windows Phone, Android and iPhone.

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Angry Bride Screenshot 1
Angry Bride Screenshot 2
Angry Bride Screenshot 3

Weddings are dangerous

Use weapons of wedding destruction to defend yourself from the evil henchmen. Cake knives, champagne bottles, microphones, candelabras and bouquets aren't just for show.

Gotta have a posse

Choose characters with different attributes to beat each level. The father of the bride and the maid of honor are here to help!

We want more!

More maps, weapons, abilities and characters are in the works! Send feedback via Facebook.